Forensic Evaluations

Are you facing a criminal or civil case? Find out if a Forensic Evaluation would support your case. We provide brief & Full Evaluations as well as Expert Witness Testimony Services. Our Forensic Evaluator has over 15 years of experience in Clinical Diagnostics and Treatment as well as National Training on Forensic Evaluations from the National Board of Forensic Evaluators of America. Rest Assured your case will be made with us.
Brief Forensic Evaluation
This brief evaluation is aimed at determining if a Full Forensic Evaluation is right for your case. We will work with your attorney to see if our support will be pertinent to your case. Brief Evaluations start at $475.
Full Forensic Evaluations
Our Full Forensic Evaluations include:
  • Forensic Clinical Interviews
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Collateral Evidence Review
  • Report Writing
Full Forensic Evaluations begin at $2495.
Expert Witness Testimony
Our Expert Witness Testimony services include one hour of expert opinion defense in court via Zoom. Testimony starts at $500/hr with a 1 hour minimum and must be paid 10 days prior to your court date.