Educational Evaluation Services

Is your child struggling with school? Could ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, or Depression be holding them back? Not sure? Contact us today and let our Educational Evaluators determine if your child would benefit from an IEP or 504 plan and Individualized Executive Function Therapy can help them gain equitable footing in school. Evaluations start at $275.
Educational Evaluations
Determine if psychological factors are holding your child back from learning. Our Educational Evaluators will test, observe, assess how your child learns and determine the barriers they have to learning. Next, we will help you make a plan to remove them!
IEP/504 Plans
Let us take care of your entire IEP and 504 plan for school. Here, we will evaluate, test, assess, and write the full report with accommodations for your school to provide. We will even write the school the initial contact letter for you. IEP packages start at $425.
Individual Educational Counseling
Our School Licensed Evaluators will help your child learn those executive functioning skills that will help them concentrate, time manage, and focus on their classwork. Sessions start at $129 each.